Monday, August 22, 2016

It's past mid of 2016 already!!!! Am I ready to write again?

Min. one post each month, start this August!!! 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012: Me and Drama

After months maybe, haven't opened my blog, now here I am ^^ I will write something simple to boost up my willing to write, something that makes me quite different in this year! yup, drama! this is just my story in 2012 and my new hobby as drama addict and drama fangirl.

Saturday nite, after a day of shop!
Soundtract: Greatest Hits 2012 Album  by Adele

As you might know from my couple posts about drama, now I will talk also about drama. I dont know since when I get so intense and engage with drama especially korea drama. *blame miss ada dech, coz she's introduced me with Secret Garden, then made me start to watch other k-drama* I don't know how many dramas I've been watching since Secret Garden, a year ago, coz for sure my 500 GB hard disc is already full with dramas, and I already bought 1 TB hard now almost full also. Many that I like to review regarding dramas that I have watched. But, since this is my first post after sooooo long, than I'll be satisfied if I could manage to finish this post first.

In 2011 I used to watch drama in marathon way, that means I already had the source of a complete drama, then I watched it marathon non stop especially in weekend, in week day I limited myself to watch only 3-4 episodes *that means 3-4 hours a day after or before work!*, that's why one of my 2012 resolutions is only to watch 2 episodes drama max at week day.

Friday, May 25, 2012

[had] Watched, and Excited About

Annyeong ^^

Yup! still K-drama addict! but not as addicted as last year *then, I just realized I've been apart from this lovely place to bubble like years*

Just as the title, this post is sequel to my last post Currently Watch... Currently Excited About. This time I'd like to update my post, as per my last post I've been mentioning that I was watching several dramas... So here my conclusion and my opinion on the drama that I've watched.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Currently Watch... Currently Excited About


Jump again me with my new favorite activities... yup! another K-drama :p hahahhahahahha...
*this is the real... when I like something... I'll go get it... apparently not quite work out for my love life... *pathetic rite?* deep sighing,,, put my pillow covered up my head*

Currently I've been keeping up my spare time busy... meaning in my spare time I spend it by busying myself with this whole k-drama, since my housemate runaway to another city leave me all alone in this d*mn big mess *house* hiks.. and for it, I'm not only watching one serial and get intense with it after the end like usually, but I prefer to watch several of dramas, which are:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Me, K-Drama, and Six Pack actors... *saranghae..*

Hello... it's been a while... hufft... apparently it's quite a long time I didn't update my blog.. I have a lot of my story I'd like to share in this blog but didn't have much will, time, and internet connection to blogged it -____-" but soon... I'll blog it...

Meanwhile, my daily life was super awesome, surrounding by nice friend, tickling by most carrying and worrying (which I love so much) mom, having a very considerably father, and yet... so friendly brother which I love and love to do something good to him :)

we're just passed the very blessed Ramadhan... during Ramadhan I love to cook so much, I dare to try new recipe like sambal goreng  ati, asem asem ayam, fruit salad with yogurt, etc huaaa... love it so much to cook it and it's all so yummy.... since, that I cook it myself and ate it all by myself for most of it, yeay ^^  you can't complaint 'bout that, rite :p

then I spent a week holiday at the hometown, and I got this virus attack! yup... K-drama attack.. I bought more than 8 serial drama... yup more than 8 serials... *and for this dvd bought please blame the shopkeeper, who turn out to success to persuade me to buy more drama than I planned to buy* huft...

plus I got several serial both korean and japanesse from my friend... *the blame goes to my best friend ms. ada dech and her sister!! good influencer!!! hahahhahhahha... And you know what... SARANGHAE.... K-DRAMA.... love it... love it...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sambal Goreng Tempe

Helloooooowwww dear blog...

it's been a long time XOXO *peluk mang Mac, kecup mang Mac, lap bekas lipstik* Kayakna di tahun 2011 ini, hasrat menulis blog hon sepertinya menurun... salah satu indikasinya adalah karena di mess yang sekarang ini sinyal tek*ms*lfl*sh sangat sangat lemot, plus tuh wi-fi mess seringnya malah off -__-"

ok... weekend kemaren hanny lagi doyan masak2 nie.. lantaran ada bahan dan males keluar, demi sebuah pengiritan *sigh* Sepertinya untuk ke depannya bakal masak-masak lagi nie, soalnya sekarang nemu cara baru gimana dapat bahan, tanpa harus pergi jauh ke kota, ato tanpa masuk pasar -iyaaaah, males masuk pasar :'( hiks- Caranya nitip belanja ma Bi' Ating, bibi yang suka ngebantuin teteh di rumahnya... Makasih bi' Ating ^^

Monday, May 16, 2011

Milk, Fever, and Gastritis

Hellowww oowww ooowww,

How's your day? mine, not really great, since this is my first day of work after 3 days in row not working, and regarding that today is the official "day off" based on "sudden announcement" of our government regulation, which piss me off!!! the more I mention it, the more I get piss! okay, that was not the topic that I'd like to write in this post... maybe next time... ^^

and again... welcome to my absurd, odd and yet so not important blog ^^ hehehe... but trust me this blog help me a lot to transfer my mood, share my story and thought, and of course in my unbelievably queer style ^^ So in this post I'll write about the chronicle how I get gastritis again! since that there are millions of people asking my healthy... *even most of them knew I was sick, from my tricky status or answer :p wkwkwkwk* but then, there's a lot of lesson here... so please read carefully...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

yes, this is the time!

It might used to be my mistake
for being that self centered
for just thinking "Me"
for just being "Me"
that I've already known for a long time...

which still I couldn't change
which I'd love to change it - for you
but I don't know how...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Opinion on "I am Number Four"


Last night I've just seen this movie, an sci-fi movie called "I AM NUMBER FOUR" I got interested in seeing this movie coz I saw a nice thriller of this movie in the tv cable, and yup because that the actors look so gorgeous ^^

First, I Loooooooveeeeeeeee this movie ^^ yup... it's not surprising movie *as other action movie* but it's definitely unforgettable one for me... How's so?

Simple, this action, science fiction movie, was about alien teenager (from the Lorien Planet) so.. it's not hard type of movie... the story was quite simple and common... yup.. so common, so that we could guess what will happen next... and how's the ending... plus, the action... not too extraordinary... it's just so common action.. so common effect that they used in this movie, not bad... bad not too "wow" if you know what I mean...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Belitung Island - Desember 2010 (part 1)


Ok this is another a late post... coz this post is about my holiday on December 2010 in beautiful island called Belitung Island...
Belitung Island - December 2010

Belitung Island
Belitung Island is on Province of Bangka Belitung, on the east of Sumatera Island, on the southeast of the South Sumatera province. This island formerly known for its rich tin, now... it's more known coz its beautiful beaches with the giant granite rocks. The beauty had been filmed on the trilogy of Laskar Pelangi and since then, tourism on the island is growing rapidly, many tourists attract and come to enjoy the beautiful beaches in the archipelago, including me ^^

Belitung or Belitong itself means a sea slug, do you know that there's a story regarding the derivation of Belitung Island -- for further story please visit: 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for Formula 1, Kuala Lumpur here we come!


Twin Tower Petronas
Ok, in this post I will write about my short holiday in Kuala Lumpur. Basically this holiday happened because several of our friends want to watch Formula 1 live in Sepang. And since that they got cheap ticket, then here we come... joining them, but not to watch Formula 1, just for travelling...

Ticket, place to stay, place to visit... was already arranged by the boys ^^ we're the women (me and m'ayu just prepare ourself and prepare the money to spend there :p hehehhe)

Kuala Lumpur, in my opninion is better for city tour, like shopping or just walking... it's almost the same as Jakarta but of course with much better city planning ^^ it's true... the street, highway, wow... so width with less car... never found traffic jam there.. and the mass transportation.. wow.. planned well... bus, train, mono rail, and taxi... terrific... making many place reachable without troubling yourself looking for transportation.. quite cheap and clean...

And one thing that quite different from Jakarta, you can still see many pedestrian there... make the walking activities comfie :p

As I remember, everytime I went abroad it was always mean "WALKING TIME", when I went to Perth is almost everyday is walking... When I was in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia it also many walking (to do SAI and Tawaf :D serious!) and this time in Kuala Lumpur is also many Walking... and in abroad walking is a need, a fun, and no complaint activities... in Indonesia??? *huffff* walking is not comfortable at all, due to of the miss-used pedestrian, the indiscipline parking and driving... and everywhere is far!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

#RayuanGombal - Pembantu Hati

Lohaaaa.... *lagi semangat nulis*

*secara, baru dapat bahan.... :D winning grinned :D*

niat hati mengutarakan lewat twitter, tapi apa daya... this is too long to be shorten in 140 characters.. and I was too afraid to lose its true meaning, regarding to respect the moment and the joy... here we come... the story about #istilah and #rayuangombal what's in here... it's truly happen :D *wink*

Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Less Ordinary *something missing...*

Hi there,

it's been long time not updated my dear blog, place to talk non sense, place to be mad, and place to be exist... Happy New Year 2011.

wishing for the better things will happen in this year. Amin... Bismillah...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ninja Assassin (what a 'aaaarrrrrggghhhhh' movie)

okay... okay... here we go...
Glad to be back to write a little after several weeks off from the blog world ^^

here's the new from me... in my weekend alone... d*mn... really alone... I thirst for movies.. movie that can entertain me with the story that will keep me focus on that movie... then... the searching begin *my red inside black outside -RIBO- ext. hardisk and in the black inside red outside -BIRO- ext. hardisk plus lot of stack of dvds*

and then I found what I want "NINJA ASSASSIN" it's a action with full of martial arts plus blood anywhere... my type? not really... I don't have any specifics kind of movie to watch.. as long as the movie has a good story and packed well... then.. have to watch :p but why? uhm.. I like Rain... yup big fans of him, since the Full House serial drama... further about him you can googling or just visit this: long story short story... here's my review...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love to Learn, Love to Use

hi there,

how's life? great right.... or hopefully yours just fine... coz... we should thank for what happened, since anything happens for reason ^^ *sok banget yah*

as my previous post, which mention that I have new companion name mang Mac *gosh really grateful to have him... no regret at all... just need to utilize him more :p hehehhe*, today post will tell you a little bit of my experience with him, as you know I just bought it last september... so still fresh...